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Author: topfm Bumiayu in November 10th 2007 with the origin name LUCILLE and decided to change into 4JOKERS in July 2010.
The name is choosen because Joker is very unique in appearance. Also in almost card game, Joker very useful and can be turn into any card you want in poker game which is similar to our members and our band.
4JOKERS had unique sound and called our genre is "ROCKZ". Basically we combined ROCK music with Jazz, Funk, Disco, Pop, Blues in different combination and style to create unique sound of our band, so people will know immediately the difference 4JOKERS with others.
Each members had their own style and “feeling” also had “it” factor that can make people so easy to enjoy ROCKZ.
4JOKERS are :
• TB - Vocal
• Yopie – Bass
• Arnold – Guitar
• Adhit – Additional Drums


Live Radio Streaming # 05.00 MQ Pagi # 06.00 Warta Singosari # 07.00 IN Dangdut # 09.00 Tembang Jawa #11.00 Kenangan # 13.00 Dangdut Ngetop # 15.00 Tren Musik Indonesia # 17.00 VOI # 18.30 Warta Singosari # 19.00 Musik to Orang Muda # 21.00 Top Request # 23.00 Solusi malam @01.00 Closing

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